Why My Family Does Not Celebrate Halloween.

should Christians celebrate halloweenIf you are a non-believer, feel free to keep reading if you would like, but I must let you know that I am not writing for you.  You probably already understand my point of view.  I am writing this article in hopes of convincing my fellow believers in Jesus Christ.

Almost immediately after adopting our first child I decided that I would no longer celebrate Halloween.  This was not an easy decision to make as a young mom in a society that seems to frown upon “sheltering” children and restricting them from anything that is part of the American cultural norms.  As a new parent, you face all kinds of peer pressures, and deciding to reject one of this nations most celebrated holidays is just one.

I grew up in a Christian home.  I sang in the children’s choir and attended church with my mom and dad every Sunday.  We prayed before most meals and had the most beautiful Christmas trees on the block.  And then, on Halloween, we dressed up and went out to collect our candy.  It never occurred to me then that Christians shouldn’t participate in Halloween activities.  Actually, there seemed to be only a few taboo situations for the Christians I knew, and even those were debatable.

80s halloween
80s/90s Flashback: Me dressed as a nurse headed out for a night of trick-or-treating
I remember during the 80s and 90s era seeing “alternative” Halloween church activities start surfacing.  This was my first clue that just maybe there was something about Halloween that wasn’t right for church-goers.

I still laugh at how we had an “alternative” Halloween activity called “Hallelujah Night” at my church, where one of the activities was to walk through the sanctuary in your costume in the dark with a flashlight.  That was pretty creepy.  But then, to make it “Christian-like”, a church member would pop out from a pew and “haunt” us until we recited a scripture.  Most of us kids ran through there quoting, “Jesus wept.”.

And then, just a few days later, I was back out trick or treating with my family and friends.  Thanks to Hallelujah Night, I now had an additional way to celebrate Halloween.  #WINNING

In early adulthood I enjoyed hosting Halloween parties.  I didn’t at all consider myself to be doing anything evil or inappropriate.  I wasn’t even wearing scary and sexy costumes.  I just loved the opportunity to be creative, dress-up, and party!

Eph 5-11But, as I continued to grow in the Lord and become an actual disciple of God’s word, I began to see the world around me differently.  The more knowledgeable I became about the things the Lord said, the more I realized I had been a “Christian cheerleader” rather than a disciple of Christ.  I had been just praising on Sunday morning, and living my “normal” life during the week.  But, I was no longer comfortable doing things that were clearly against the will of God.  As I began to dive into God’s word, and learn more about the cultures and traditions that influenced the world around me, the more I realized how out-of-order American Christians were, MYSELF included.

If Christians actually believed what the Word of God said, than this whole “Should we celebrate Halloween?” debate would be a non-factor.  There are SEVERAL scriptures that make it clear that the Lord would not want us to have anything to do with such a “Holiday”, because Halloween, simply put, is inherently evil.  Yes.  That’s right.  Halloween was and STILL is evil in nature, even if your kid is dressed as cute little lion cub.

I remember once when I tried to fool one of my children into liking meatloaf.  This child hated meatloaf!  As soon as he learned that it was on the menu, he would start sobbing.  So, I came up with a cool (I thought) idea to bake the meatloaf in cupcake tins instead of a loaf pan.  I told him that this dish was called “Meaty Muffins”.  FAIL!  He wouldn’t touch it.  It was still meatloaf, but now in a new and improved cute cupcake form.


Halloween stems from a satanic ceremony called Samhain.  Now, just Googling this word for correct spelling, I noticed that opened their conversation about this day as follows:

“The Christian religion has adopted this day as All Saints Day, or All Hallows Day, celebrating the eve as All Hallows Eve, or Halloween.”

The Christians!? Why!?  Why would WE do that?!

So, lets be clear.  The religion of witches says that WE, the Christians, have adopted this satanic holiday.  What?

Lets assume that, even though we’re all believers in Jesus Christ, we don’t all actually read the Bible.  So, let’s just use our common-sense church-goer knowledge.  If Jesus was to come back on October 31st of this year, would he be pleased to see us taking our children door-to-door dressed as Moses, bunnies, or their favorite cartoon character?  NO!  Because, no matter what kind of cute outfit you put on your little one, you’re still celebrating a day that glorifies everything He came to defeat, and additionally, was started by his only enemy.  It’s still MEATLOAF!

So, If you didn’t know, now you know.  So what are your going to do about Halloween, Christian parents?  Well, here’s where the pressure kicks in.  Pressure from our peers, society, and from even our children.

That infamous line, “BUT, EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING IT.”

Prov. 22-6As a Christian parent, this is where we stand up and be set apart.  There will be many times where “everyone else” is doing something.  As Christian parents, we have to learn to teach our children that it’s okay to be different, even if it means being uncomfortable sometimes.  It’s for our own good as Christians.  The Bible says there’s a whole lot of “everybody” going to hell and less of “everybody” going to Heaven.  This is just one way that our children can learn to be different than the masses, while at the same time being comforted with the support of their parents.

Last year after Trick or Treating, my son’s friend came over the next day and handed him a handful of candy.  He told my then 10 year old son, “This, is what Halloween is really all about.”  When my son told me what he said, I just laughed and used that situation as an opportunity to educate and empower my son with the knowledge he would need to fight one of many battles in this crazy world.

I told him, “Son, candy is what the dollar store is about.”  We laughed about how we have access to candy all the time.  And then I used that moment to teach my son about the roots of Halloween.  As I always tell my kids, “We have more knowledge about Jesus, and a relationship with Him.  It’s our job to share that with others that don’t know Him.”

walking by pumpkinAs disciples of Christ, we must give our children the information they need to be proud of who they are and what they believe.  Unashamed to be set apart living a life for Jesus.  That child that had given my son some of his Halloween loot was totally uninformed about the subject, but completely confident in what he was saying.  My goal is to make my child just as confident in what we believe.

This time of year, I even go as far as not allowing my children to go to school on the days that they have Halloween celebrations.  I DO NOT want my child to participate, so the school respects that.  One of my 8 year old children is so confident in our stance on Halloween, that a teacher hinted to me that my son needs to be “respectful of other cultures.”  While I am proud that he feels confident to preach the Gospel in class, and denounce Halloween, I am working with him on showing the fruits of the spirit while educating his peers.  (He’s 8.  He’s got some things to iron out before he starts his ministry.)

As Christian parents in today’s society, we have SO much to combat.  For me, the rejection of Halloween is just one of many un-Godly things wrapped in a cute package that my children and I will come across in their journey to adulthood.  I am using the annual coming of Halloween as a yearly opportunity to teach my children to reject the wicked ways of the world, and to stand confident in the things of the Lord.