Cut Costs by Cutting Hair…Yourself!

My large family consists of myself, my husband, 2 little girls and 5 little boys.  When It comes to family hair styling, a bi-weekly trip to the barbershop or salon would cost us a pretty penny and hours of time.

Hair styling and maintenance is a MUST around here, so what’s a frugal large family mom to do?  I do it myself!  No, I’m not a licensed professional, but I’ve been styling hair since my first Barbie doll and I can do some pretty awesome things when it comes to hair styling.

A Valentine’s Day hair style I created for my daughter.

When it comes to cutting the boys hair, I can’t even lie…  I had NO idea what I was doing when I started, and it’s still a struggle for me now.  But I am learning, thanks to the University of YouTube.  If you are a mom who want’s to cut costs on hair styling, I suggest you invest in some clippers and check out the tutorials on YouTube.  What’s the worst that could happen?  Remember, its just hair.  It will grow back! (Right?)

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