Cut Costs by Cutting Hair…Yourself!

My large family consists of myself, my husband, 2 little girls and 5 little boys.  When It comes to family hair styling, a bi-weekly trip to the barbershop or salon would cost us a pretty penny and hours of time. Hair styling and maintenance is a MUST around here, so what’s a frugal large family mom to do?  I do…

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You Don’t Have to be Rich to be a Foster Parent

When people find out that I’m an adoptive mom, or a foster mom, they often tell me that they too have thought about adoption or foster parenting, and then give me the reason that they decided it wasn’t for them.  One of the reasons I hear most often is “We can’t afford it.”.  If you can afford to care for yourself, and the people in your home, you can afford to foster  a child.  Here’s why I believe that.

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5 Snarky Come-Backs for Adopted Kids

Adopted kids are no exception from school yard teasing.  In fact, their adoption status can make them more of a target.  And listen, that “born in my mom’s heart” stuff is not a good thing to bring up when a full on capping session has begun. 

I teach my children to express the Fruits of the Spirit and turn the other cheek.  But some kids, and parents, are just JERKS!  As my kids are aging I’ve begun to arm them with an arsenal of quick come-backs to keep the jerks at bay.  Let me help your arm your adopted kiddos.


When Food Can’t Feed the Hunger of a Fostered Child

I left the meeting still feeling joyful that this child was more “on-target” than many others I have loved, but still saddened by the weight of the internal struggle that I cannot rescue her from.  Children, like my daughter, who come to us through the foster care system often attempt to fill a void for love, consistency, and security with food.


How to Adopt a Baby Fast (and Free).

Adoption is an AWESOME way to grow your family and to be a blessing to a child who is in need of a permanent loving family.  There’s a lot of information on the internet about the adoption process, but from what I can tell the information provided implies that adoption is an expensive process which requires a lot of waiting.  Waiting to be chosen by a birth family, waiting for a child to become available for adoption, waiting, waiting, waiting.  

One of the many things that’s awesome about domestic adoption through foster care in the United States, is that there’s less waiting and more doing.  Patience is not one of my best qualities, so I love the “fast track” that a U.S. adoption can provide. 


How to tell your child that they are Adopted.

As a society, we since have decided that adoption is not a shameful status, but something to be celebrated.  At least I thought we all understood this.  It’s not until I am held captive in a foster-to-adopt training class that I realize we all haven’t shaken the stigma of adoption.  In every class there are always a few prospective adoptive parents that ask, “How do we tell them they’re adopted?”.  As someone who has done this a few times, I know a thing or two about this topic


Why My Family Does Not Celebrate Halloween.

If you are a non-believer, feel free to keep reading if you would like, but I must let you know that I am not writing for you.  You probably already understand my point of view.  I am writing this article in hopes of convincing my fellow believers in Jesus Christ. Almost immediately after adopting our first child I decided that…

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4 Tips for Feeding a Large Family on a Budget

As a large family momma of 7 growing kiddos, one of the most frequently asked questions I get is, “What do you guys eat?!”. The first few times I heard this, I thought it a bizarre question.  As if the grocery store is not available to families with more than 2.5 children, therefore leaving us with no other option than…

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Why We Chose Foster-to-Adopt

For some prospective parents, the options -for adoption can seem overwhelming.  It’s easy to get lost in a sea of terms like International Adoption, Open-Adoption, and Foster-to-Adopt.  For my husband and I, the choice to Foster-to-Adopt was very simple.  There were a few factors that made this an easy decision for us, and here’s our story.  We’re representing the Foster-to-Adopt…

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How to Train your Dragon (or Kid) to sit Quietly in Church.

Today’s church going moms and dads have become accustomed to churches that provide special accommodations for parents with young children.  Many churches in today’s society have a nursery,  a children’s service, and sometimes even a separate room where parents can watch the service on a screen outside of the sanctuary while their restless little one eats gold-fish crackers and plays…

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